The Web 1.0 Conference

In 2015 we ran the first Web 1.0 Conference in Portland, Oregon, and it quickly sold out. Now we're bringing it to The Media Lab at MIT!

The Web 1.0 Conference is a one day event celebrating the creative, original, static (no backend) web sites, both old and new, that stand the test of time.

Do you have some domains lying around that you'd love to develop? Do you miss building static websites in a time where the web was just a little less complex? Do you want to learn about new tools such as Mozilla's A-Frame for WebVR? You'll be in great company! Spend a day building websites and show them off at the end of the day!

Let's build some weird, interesting, quirky web sites!


Dec 3rd, 2016
Cambridge, MA
@ MIT Media Lab


Opening Event: Friday, Dec 2nd, 2016

6:00PM Check-in and social
7:30PM Website show and tell

Show and tell: Show us your first website or favorite 1.0 website!
9:00PM Friday closing

Web 1.0 Conference! Saturday, Dec 3rd, 2016

9:00AM Check in, breakfast, coffee, tea, 玉露
9:30AM Conference kickoff, 10-15 minute talks, demos and tutorials
Why the web is broken (and how to fix it).
Amber Case ( / @caseorganic). Fellow, Harvard Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, and Author, Calm Technology.
The Inevitability of the Web.
David Weinberger ( / @dweinberger). Co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto and Senior Researcher at Harvard Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society.
A tour through Web 1.0.
Bob Frankston ( / @BobFrankston). Co-creator of VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet computer program for personal computers.
Why we need to bring back the creative web.
Kyle Drake ( / @kyledrake). Founder, Visiting from Portland, OR!
The Distributed Web, and the browser I wrote to surf it.
Paul Frazee ( / @pfrazee). Creator of BeakerBrowser, an Experimental P2P Browser. Visiting from Austin, TX!
Building VR Websites for the Vive and Cardboard with static html framework with A-Frame.
Stephanie Mendoza ( / @_liooil). Unity Developer at the Portland, Oregon Immersive Media Group. Visiting from Portland, OR!
Your talk here! Contact @caseorganic.
11:00AM Web site building / hacking begins
12:30PM Catered Lunch
3:00PM Japanese tea (chakai)
6:00PM Web site hacking ends
6:15PM 2 minute presentations begin.
Show everyone your awesome web creation!
7:30PM Conference closing - thanks for coming!


Tickets are $15.00, which covers food, snacks, drinks and operations for the entire conference. Scholarship tickets are also available. Contact @caseorganic

Free web hosting will be provided by static webhost Neocities.

See what people made at the last Web 1.0 Conference!

Web 1.0 Conference 2015 Portland, Oregon

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Venue: MIT Media Lab

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